My Name is
Amin Nakhi

In 2019 I delved into the world of videography, something I’ve always loved. As time passed, I had the opportunity to work with several well-known companies in Iran and USA as you can see from the logos at the bottom of this page.
One of my photos received awards in three different contests, with Samsung Corporation singling out my image from 3,000 entries. Then, in 2023, my short film was featured in four different film festivals.
These achievements inspire me to continue learning and growing in my profession. I’m committed to maximizing my skills and gear to excel in my work.




About Me

My videos are inspired by interesting stories, my experience with cameras and editing, and the distinct personalities of the companies I’ve collaborated with.

I’ve consistently worked on enhancing my skills and increasing my know-how to maximize my abilities and make the most out of my equipment.

I aspire to join a dedicated team to accomplish impressive projects that will earn people’s admiration. I won’t cease my efforts until I fulfill this promise.

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